Proper Cleaning of the Leather Interior of Cars

Dry cleaning - sooner or later any car will need it, and home leather furniture will not hurt. Is there a difference in chemicals, can you do it yourself? Can!

Our dry cleaning and skin care products are used by the best deteyling centers, recommended by such manufacturers as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen. Everything is simple - after them there is no unpleasant odor, unpleasant spots, unpleasant side allergic effects, or unpleasant injuries. Just pleasant cleanliness and softness.

Genuine leather, one of the best materials - we are not supporters of its use, but if there are leather salons, it is better to keep them in perfect condition for as long as possible so that new skin is not needed for alteration. This can be done with a skin conditioner, BUT only after thorough cleaning - why do we need canned dirt?

Skin stain cleansing

A leather coating in spots of unknown origin?a specialized stain remover for the skin, is able to remove even the blue from the jeans (the faster - the better, there are no miracles). We obviously advise you to try Merz first, because working with a car stain remover  requires experience - you can simply remove the top coat of paint. So be extremely careful, especially with a melamine sponge, here it is better to use a sponge applicator - due to the shape and density of the material it will perfectly help clean spots on the skin.

Skin preservation

We cleaned our skin as much as possible. If there are no spots or you have reconciled with them, then we proceed to the stage of conservation with the help of the best leather conditioner for cars. Why is it needed? Everything is simple - soft skin will make you feel good)) Well, it will do without creases, cracking and rubbing for a much longer time. Leather star is an absolute top seller, because this preservative can be used not only in cars, but also for any leather products - shoes, handbags, purses, leather jackets, and after they try it, they rarely return to normal skin care products from haberdashery shop. For drawing use a sponge for internal and external works .

Life hack - if suddenly Leather star is over, that is, a similar remedy - a different packaging and a different price. But it looks prettier, as from a series of shelf products. And in this case, do not forget to ask for the maximum discount! The sponge can also be used with stain remover - taking two or cutting in half.

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